Certificate Professional Texts (ProText)

ProText is a cooperation from the International Writing Center for Foreign and First Language,. Prof. Dr. Albert Busch and Sprachwerk e.V.. Another cooperation partner is the student e-magazine for literatur, culture and science in Göttingen Litlog.

ProText deals with professional, competent texts and writing, since professional texts usually follow different rules compared to the production of academic texts.
Feedback from entry-level professionals, seniors, as well as employers show that many graduates go from the university to the professional life without being ready for the requirements in that field, especially concerning the writing skills. With the Certificate "ProText - Professionell Texten im Beruf" (Certificate Professional Texts) students can get 18 Credit Points in key competences. This way, they are prepared for the professional world and develop important key competences for their employability.
The Certificate Professional Texts ("ProText - Professionell Texten im Beruf") connects the content of academic background and praxis. In order for that to be done, the offers from the Linguistics are connected to the Key Competences for professional writing, complemented with the training with external experts in the praxis from writing intensive jobs, as well as an internship.
The Pro-Text workshops revolve around multimedia writing, contributions for online-media, the choice of a suitable addressee, language and presentation forms, as well as the foundations for journalistic writing and popular scientific articles, job applications, just to mention a few. Experts present their texts and writing in several areas, be it in management consultancy, teaching, publishing, advertising among others, always using authentic materials from their everyday work-life.

Every semester there are 25 places for students in the Certificate Program. The classes are in German language only.