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Certification Program: Administrative Assistant at Faculties

The work done by administrative assistants at faculty secretariats is subject to ungoing change. HR development offers qualification activities to provide support in dealing with continually changing requirements. Beyond qualification, there is an option for internal networking and exchange of expertise within our Certificate Program. In this respect, HR development cooperates with the secretarial network of Georg August University.

The Certificate Program is divided into the following competence areas/modules:

Zertifikatsprogramm Sekretariat

1. Administrative Assistant Expertise [Mandatary Module]
- all courses starting by the ref. no. 10 in the Qualification Program

2. Self Management and Health Competences
- all courses starting by the ref. no. 6 und 9 in the Qualification Program

3. Workplace-related Competences
(Personnel, Finances plus Research & Teaching)
- all courses starting by the ref. no. 2, 3 and 7 in the Qualification Program

4. Intercultural Competences and Foreign Languages
- all courses starting by the ref. no. 4 in the Qualification Program

5. IT Competences
- all courses starting by the ref. no. 5 in the Qualification Program

Eligible to receive a certificate are participants who pass at least 3 selected modules comprising at least 18 teaching units (abr.UE). Modul 1 is mandatory for all participants. Certification requires attendance to at least 54 teaching units to be passed withing 2 years.

Further information: Frequently asked questions on the Certificate Program.