Burçe Orhan, MA

Burçe Orhan is Research Assistant and PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Sakarya, Turkey. Currently, she is visiting researcher at Georg-August University Göttingen, Institute of Sociology under supervising of Professor Matthias Koenig.

In 2013, she graduated from Hacettepe University (Ankara,Turkey) with the MA degree in Sociology with a thesis “The Class Identity and Consciousness Interacted with Ethnic and Religious Identities: The Sample of Clean-up Workers in Sakarya”. Now, she is studying on highly-skilled labor migration from Turkey to Germany in the context of intersectionality for her PhD research. More specifically, the main problem of her research is; under the decision of immigration of highly skilled Turkey-Origin people-called themselves “New Wave”- who have emigrated to Germany, it is important to determine whether there are inequalities or conflict situations created by the various social categories and, if so, on which axes they intersect (gender, ethnic identity, religion or class) (micro, meso, and macro levels) and how these intersections transformed after migration.

Burçe’s study is based on qualitative research methods. Within this scope, she is conducting her field research with in-depth interviews at Göttingen currently. On the other hand, her research will be a phenomenological research which defines the common meaning of individual experiences of particular phenomena and attempts to reveal the 'essence' of these experiences.