Journal Club SS 2014 Forest Botany and Tree Physiology

Date Name Topic
15.05.2014 Sebastian Löeppmann

Näsholm et al. 2013
Are ectomycorrhizal fungi alleviating or aggravating nitrogen limitation of tree growth in boreal forests?
05.06.2014 Nan Yang

Zhang et al. 2013
Earthworms facilitate carbon sequestration through unequal amplification of carbon stabilization compared with mineralization

Rodica Pena
How to give a good talk
03.07.2014 Kara Allen

Wagg et al. 2014
Soil biodiversity and soil community composition determine ecosystem multifunctionality
17.07.2014 Aljosa Zavisic

Hahm et al. 2014
Bedrock composition regulates mountain ecosystems and landscape evolution
24.07.2014 Dung
Moeller et al. 2014
Ectomycorrhizal fungal traits reflect environmental conditions along a coastal California edaphic gradient