Current information of the chair on teaching in winter semester 2020/21
(Status: 30.10.2020)

The coming winter semester will be a hybrid semester. This means the following for the courses of the chair:

In general:

  • For all lectures of the chair access to the Stud-IP courses is open in the first week of the semester. Additional details regarding the modules and all further dates will be announced in each opening lecture (on Stud-IP/BigBlueButton).
  • The exam dates of all courses are set centrally by the university and depend on the development of the pandemic.

  • Master

    • The lectures and exercises of the module "Performance Management" (formerly Management Accounting) are held in attendance. The lectures and exercises are additionally transmitted live, recorded and made available on Stud-IP. The first lecture will be on 03.11.2020 at 10.15 am in ZHG 011 and will be streamed live on Stud-IP/Big-Blue-Button.
    • The lectures and exercises of the module "Corporate Strategy" will be offered as live stream at Big-Blue-Button and will be additionally recorded and provided on Stud-IP. The first lecture will be on 05.11.2020 at 16.15 h live on Stud-IP.
    • The seminar "Empirical Research in Management" will take place in presence.


    • The lectures and exercises of the module "Corporate Strategy and Governance" are recorded and made available on Stud-IP. The first lecture will be on 05.11.2020 at 10.15 am live on Stud-IP.
    • The lecture of the module "Cost and Management Accounting" will be recorded and made available on Stud-IP. The first lecture will be on 05.11.2020 at 14.15 live on Stud-IP.
    • Most of the tutorials of the module "Cost and Management Accounting" will be held in small groups in presence. For risk groups additional tutorials will be held online via Big-Blue-Button.

    Additional information can be found on the Stud-IP pages of the respective courses. The information provided here represents the preliminary planning of the modules and is subject to the recommendations of the RKI, the university and the faculty.

The general objective of our teaching program is to motivate students to deal with different instruments, processes and elements of value-based management on a theoretical and practical level. Examples are the development of the system of financial control, the evaluation of strategies on company and business segment level, as well as the design of compensation schemes for the top management. The aim for our students is to get to know and discuss the use of different instruments of value-based management, as well as to understand the impact of these instruments on the strategic and operative development of a company.

In order to meet this goal, we attach high importance to a systematic mix of research and practice in our teaching. In doing so, we discuss both current examples from practice and analyse case studies throughout our courses. Additionally, guest lectures are a regular part of our lectures. At the same time, we integrate current research results from our Chair and from other national and international researchers, which allows us to provide the students with a thorough insight in current research topics. Beside this content driven perspective, it is our concern that students get to know current econometric methods to be able to interpret and discuss empirical findings from research publications in top journals.

    Overview of courses
    For an overview of our chairs' courses click here. You will find more information on thesis writing here. In the following you will find a short overview of our bachelor and master courses:


      Information on scientific work
      When supervising seminar papers and dissertations, we set great importance on creating a balance between assistance and autonomy that’s in line with the philosophy of supervision of the Department “Management.” That means that you can actively and independently design your scientific work, but that you also have the access to a contact partner if you need more intensive support. With the following three building blocks, we help prepare you for writing scientific works:

        In the kick-off event for our Bachelor's and Master's seminars, we will provide an overview of the content and concrete information on scientific work. Through this event, you will get to know the procedure, preparation, and structure of scientific works. You will become familiar with conducting research, developing, and citing literature resources. You will be given tips on how to meet the requirements of a scientific paper.


        Here you will find a guideline which, in addition to formal requirements, also provides information on the preparation of scientific papers.


        Individual support sessions ensure that we support you with your specific questions about your seminar paper or thesis. Particularly, this concerns the discussion of the project in the form of a kick-off and the structure of your work, but also other concrete questions that arise during the preparation of your work. In order to provide you with optimal support, we expect an appointment to be made in a timely manner and careful preparation for the meeting. Please send us the documents required for your appointment the day before at the latest.

      Because of our diverse teaching content and research interests, our chair offers a comprehensive and diverse range of topics for your seminar papers and dissertations. The focus is on the theoretically sound processing of practically relevant questions. Topics in the area of determinants of value-based management, tools of corporate management and determinants of corporate governance systems.

      Informationen to our current seminars:

      Informationen to writing theses: