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Awarding during the Annual Academic Celebration on 16.12.2022

The awarding of Creativity and Studies, funded by the University of Göttingen and the AKB Stiftung in Einbeck, recognises exceptional and successful student projects. In 2022, it was held for the first time as part of the Annual Academic Celebration.

The honouring of the students took place in between the presentation of the Teaching Awards and the Dorothea Schlözer certificates. To give an impression of the character and diversity of Creativity and Studies, three projects were presented in short videos. Afterwards, all grantees were honoured by Michael C.-E. Büchting, Chairman of the AKB Stiftung, and Prof. Dr. Christian Ammer, Vice-President for Student and Academic Services.

The University of Göttingen and the AKB Stiftung support creative student projects since 2013. Some of them are part of an international cooperation with partners and students of other institutions or companies.