Algal teaching kits for use in classrooms at primary and secondary schools

We offer a selection of algal strains suitable for use in secondary school classrooms. You can choose five or ten algal strains from below. This special offer is not valid for colleges or universities.

small Kit: 5 algal strains for 50 Euro plus forwarding expenses (10 € inside Europe; 16 € abroad)

big Kit: 10 algal strains for 90 Euro plus forwarding expenses

1) Chlorella vulgaris SAG 211-11b
2) Chlamydomonas noctigama SAG 35.72
3) Cosmarium botrytis SAG 136.80
4) Euglena gracilis SAG 1224-5/25
5) Lepocinclis spirogyroides SAG 1224-13b
6) Eudorina elegans SAG 29.87
7) Micrasterias radiata SAG 161.80
8) Pandorina morum SAG 60-1b
9) Pleodorina californica SAG 32.94
10) Desmodesmus communis SAG 276-4b
11) Scenedesmus vacuolatus SAG 211-8b
12) Volvox globator SAG 199.80

For your order please use our SAG Order Form (PDF). Cite name and adress of your school and remark "teaching kit for classroom". Get a stamp of your school under the general conditions. Further information about ordering and delivery can be reviewed here.

Please note: If any of the ordered SAG strains may not be available or in good shape we will choose for another appropriate strain of the same genus.