Linguistics in Göttingen - A platform for empirical and theoretical linguistics

Dates & Guidelines

The editors gratefully acknowledge help from the editors of the Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 17, who provided templates and formatting instructions.

Deadline: December 31, 2014.
Extended Deadline: January 15, 2015.

Templates: word, latex (.bib file), pdf.

Formatting instructions:

Submit your manuscript in (pdf and (.doc or .tex)) formats, with all necessary packages and auxiliary files. Please use the templates above, but most importantly make sure that the pdf document satisfies the following constraints:

  • Paper size: letter
  • Margins: 1.5 inch on top of the page, 1 inch on each other side (exactly these measures, no less but no more either)
  • Font size: 12pt
  • Font: Times
  • Single spacing; vertical space between paragraph should be twice as big (e.g., simply leave a blank line)
  • No indent anywhere (neither on first line of a paragraph or anywhere else)
  • Section titles should be preceded by arabic numbers followed by a dot. Sublevels should be numbered applying a recursive rule exemplified by this list:

    1. First section
    1.1. First subsection of the first section
    1.1.1. First subsection of the first subsection of the first section

  • Titles of sections should appear in boldface; titles for (sub){^n}sections should not be in bold (for n>0)
  • Maximum number of pages: 18 pages, including everything
  • The first page should contain:

    - The title (left aligned, font size: 14pt, boldface)
    - On new lines: "First name NAME" of each author with affiliation: normal font for the author, italics for the affiliation, with a dash before the affiliation
    - An abstract of one paragraph long. It should start with "Abstract." in boldface
    - Keywords (optionally)
    - Then the paper begins...

  • Citations. Give citations by name and year, in parenthetical notation
  • References: see templates

Do not insert any specific header or footer (no page number at the bottom, no recall of the title or author names at the top). We will add to your documents a header and a footer of our own. Footnotes are allowed but they should fit *above* the 1 inch margin.