Chair of Development Economics
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Development Economics Seminar 2017

In the Summer Term 2017, Tuesdays at 12:15 the following lectures will take place (* Lectures will start at 14:00):


18.04.17Kerstin Grosch
(Uni Göttingen)
Contract compliance under biased expectations

25.04.17Rita Motizigkeit
(Uni Passau)
Welfare Effects of Changed Prices: "The Tortilla Crisis" Revisited

09.05.17Guido Neidhöfer
(Freie Uni Berlin)
Educational Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America: A New Database

16.05.17Karan Singh
(Uni Bonn/Uni Göttingen)

Does Affirmative Action Reduce Low caste Family Businesses Dependency on child labour
23.05.17Keith Nurse
(University of the West indies)

Migration and the Sustainable Development Goals: Why Diasporas Matter

30.05.17*Patrick Watson
(University of the West Indies)
In-Firm Training, Innovation and Productivity: The Case of Caribbean Small Island Developing States

Aparajita Dasgupta
(Ashoka University)
Examining the Quality-Quantity trade off: Evidence from a public health intervention in India

13.06.17Lennart Kaplan
(Uni Heidelberg/Uni Göttingen)
Aid and conflict at the local level - Mechanisms and Causality

20.06.17Simone Schotte

27.06.17*Robert Genthner
(Uni Göttingen)
Impact of Foreign Investment Regulation in the Manufacturing Sector: Evidence from the Negative Investment List in Indonesia

04.07.17Prof.Dr. Robert Davies
(University College Dublin)
The Glass Border: Gender and Exporting in Developing Countries

Tahir Mahmood
(Uni Göttingen)
Risk Factors for Child Malnutrition in Punjab, Pakistan: A Multilevel Analysis

Lutz Depenbusch
(Uni Göttingen)

Marion Krämer
(Uni Göttingen)

Anna Giolbas
Inequality and Preferences for Redistribution

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Summer Term 2017
Tuesdays at 12:15

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