Enlightenment Wednesday Club

Reading Group and Colloquium on Enlightenment Studies

In (bi)-weekly meetings, Fellows of the Lichtenberg-Kolleg, PhD students, Postdocs and faculty of the Goettingen Campus discuss current research, work in progress, unpublished papers or primary sources. Occassionally we invite guests to discuss their work with us.
If you want to join please contact Dr. Dominik Huenniger (dominik.huenniger@zvw.uni-goettingen.de) and he will provide you with the reading material.

Program academic year 2018/2019

10th October 2018: Introduction

24th October 2018:
Danila Raskov (St. Petersburg State University): Cameralism in the Long Eighteenth-Century Russia: Academic Mobility and Translations, chapter for: Ere Nokkala and Nicholas Miller (eds.), Cameralism and the Enlightenment. Happiness, Governance and Reform (to be published in 2019).

7th November 2018:
Stephane van Damme (EUI Florence): Mobile philology and Invisible Library (17th-18th centuries) - the King's Library in Paris and the global politics of copying manuscripts

21st November 2018:
Extracts from: Aileen Douglas, Work in hand : script, print, and writing, 1690-1840, Oxford 2017 (Introduction and Chapter 3: Round Hand’s Dominions)

5th December 2018:
Nicholas B. Miller & Ere Nokkala: Introduction to: Cameralism and the Enlightenment: Happiness, Governance and Reform (to be published in 2019).

12th December 2018:
Emilio Mazza (Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM, Milano): “Black parrots” - Hume and Race

9th January 2019:
Extracts from: Elizabeth Yale: Sociable Knowledge: Natural History and the Nation in Early Modern Britain, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016 (Introduction and chapter 6: "The Manuscripts Flew About like Butterflies": Self-Archiving and the Pressures of History)

23rd January 2019:
Martin Gierl: “Editor-Journals” - Professorenjournale. Wissenschaftliche Fachjournale and the scientific periodicals in Germany, Göttingen 1765-1815 &
in: Anna Gielas and Aileen Fyfe (eds.), Editors and the Editing of Scientific Periodicals: Constructing Knowledge and Identity, 1760s-1910s, special issue of Centaurus forthcoming in 2019

6th February 2019:
Dominik Hünniger: Serial Insects. Specialised Journals and the Formation of Entomology as an Academic Discipline around 1800
in: Anna Gielas and Aileen Fyfe (eds.), Editors and the Editing of Scientific Periodicals: Constructing Knowledge and Identity, 1760s-1910s, special issue of Centaurus forthcoming in 2019

20th February 2019:
Extracts from: Jessica Riskin: The Restless Clock: A History of the Centuries-Long Argument over What Makes Living Things Tick (2016) - chapter 3: The Passive Telescope or the Restless Clock - &
Adelheid Voskuhl: Androids in the Enlightenment:Mechanics, Artisans, and Cultures of the Self (2013) - chapter 5: Poetic Engagement with Piano-Playing Women Automata -

27th February 2019: Patrick Anthony:
“Nature’s Working World”: Georg Forster’s and Alexander von Humboldt’s Views of Nature and Industry, 1784-1790

6th March 2019: tba

20th March 2019: tba

3rd April 2019: tba

8th May 2019: tba

22nd May 2019: tba

5th June 2019: tba

19th June 2019: tba

Past meetings

15th February 2017: Hjalmar Fors (Hagströmer Library Stockholm): The Limits of Matter. Chemistry, Mining, and Enlightenment

22nd February 2017: David Hume: "Of Moral Prejudices"; "On suicide"; "On Superstition and Enthusiasm"; and "On the Rise and Progress of the Arts and Sciences."

1 March 2017: Discussion of excerpts from: Genevieve Lloyd : Enlightenment Shadows

8th March 2017: David Hume: 'Of the Balance of Power', 'Of Tragedy', 'Of Polygamy and Divorces', and 'The Sceptic'.

15 March 2017: Morgan Golf-French (Humboldt grantee/PhD Student UCL): dissertation on responses to the French Revolution, Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic period at the University of Göttingen

29 March 2017: Tobias Winnerling (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf): "Three families, two professors? sons, one second wife, or: How to disentangle four generations of Anthonii Matthaei" discussion of an unpublished manuscript on reconstructing scholarly lives in the 18th century

12 April 2017: Discussion of excerpts from: Lisa Herzog: Inventing the market : Smith, Hegel, and political theory

26 April 2017: Cameralism Workshop

10 May 2017: Johann van der Zande (independent scholar): German Popularphilosophie

24 May 2017: Henrique Laitenberger (DAAD grantee/PhD student, faculty of Theology, Goettingen): Answering the Question: "What is (Protestant) Enlightenment?"

7 June 2017: Surekha Davies (Western Connecticut State University): Interview with a Mapmaker: The Historical Anthropology of Early Modern Maps

21 June 2017: Hans Bödeker (Göttingen)

18th October 2017: Introduction

1st November 2017: Dorothea E. von Mücke, The practices of the Enlightenment : aesthetics, authorship, and the public, New York: Columbia University Press 2015
Chapters: "Introduction" and "Confessional Discourse, autobiography and authorship"

15th November 2017: Jon Mee, Conversable Worlds: Literature, Contention & Community, 1762-1830, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011
Chapters: “Introduction” and “Some Paradigms of Conversability in the Eighteenth Century”

29th November 2017: Anthony J. La Vopa, The Labor of the Mind, Intellect and Gender in Enlightenment Cultures, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press 2017
Chapters: “Introduction” and “Malebranche and the Bel Esprit”

10th January 2018: Dominik Hünniger: Living the useful academy – Johann Christian Fabricius and the moral economies of late Enlightenment university reform, chapter for: Larry Stewart and Kelly Whitmer (eds.): Expectations and Useful Knowledge in Eighteenth-Century Knowledge Economies, Special Issue of Notes and Records: the Royal Society Journal of the History of Science, to appear in June 2018

24th January 2018: Ziad Elmarsafy, The enlightenment Qur'an : the politics of translation and the construction of Islam, Oxford : Oneworld, 2009

7th February 2018: Rubiés, Joan-Pau (2006), Theology, Ethnography, and the Historicization of Idolatry, in: Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 67, No. 4, pp. 571-596
Rubiés, Joan-Pau (2012) From antiquarianism to philosophical history: India, China and the world history of religion in European thought (1600-1770). In: Miller, Peter N. and Louis, François, (eds.) Antiquarianism and Intellectual Life in Early Modern Europe and China, 1500-1800. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, USA, pp. 313-367.

4th April 2018: Maria Edgeworth: Lame Jervas, in: Popular Tales, London 1804.
Mary Fairclough, The Telegraph: Radical Transmission in the 1790s, in Eighteenth-Century Life, 37,2 (2013), 26-52.

18th April 2018: Tour of the exhibition: Lichtenbergs MenschenBilder

2nd May 2018: Tony La Vopa - What's new in Enlightenment Studies?

16th May 2018: Martha Fleming and Dominik Hünniger: Putting Metadata to Work: Modeling Information on Historical Collections of Natural History in Social Justice Contexts
(by invitation only)

30th May 2018: Gabriella Szalay (Göttingen): Paper Trials, Multiple Masculinities and the Oeconomy of Honor

6th June 2018: Jonas Gerlings: Conflicting Minds. Immanuel Kant, Johann Daniel Metzger, and the debate about forensic psychiatry

13th June 2018: Mårten Söderblom Saarela (Berlin): Leibniz’s dream of a Manchu encyclopedia and Kangxi’s Mirror, 1673–1708

27th June 2018: Gregory Afinogenov (Georgetown University): Spies and Scholars: Clandestine Encounters between Russia, China, and the West