Erasmus+ Key Action 103 - Internships for Outgoing Students

An internship abroad is a great opportunity to gain international experience. First insights into work processes of companies and organisations as well as the acquisition of practical experiences can have a positive effect on the personal and professional development. It also improves the chances on the job market.

Internship abroad with Erasmus+ Key Action 103

Erasmus+ placements in Key Action 103 are EU-funded mobility projects in the field of vocational education and training. The University of Göttingen supports students and graduates within the framework of this programme by promoting internships that qualify for a profession. The internship has to be carried out in a partner country under Erasmus+.

First steps

For the preparation of an Erasmus+ funded internship abroad, each student should plan sufficient time and consider the following questions:

  1. Which language skills are needed? Which level should I be proficient in until the beginning of my internship?
  2. What additional experiences and skills are important for a placement abroad? What should I acquire in advance?
  3. Is the internship mandatory for my studies or voluntary?
  4. When do I would I like to start an internship: During my studies or during the year after my graduation and deregistration as a student? Will I be able to do an internship abroad for at least 60 days?
  5. Which company or organisation can offer me an Erasmus+ eligible internship?

The following facilities of the University of Göttingen are available to you with advice and research options:

  • The International Career Service will be happy to advise you on all matters concerning the planning, research and organisation of a planned internship abroad.
  • As the central institution for languages and key qualifications, ZESS is an important contact when it comes to linguistic and intercultural preparation.
  • Göttingen State and University Library (SUB) also offers literature on technical as well as on intercultural preparation.

The application process

Since students of the University of Göttingen have two Erasmus+ funding opportunities available, it is advisable to clarify the right programme in advance in a conversation. Therefore, interested students should urgently seize the opportunity for an individual consultation. The Erasmus+ KA 103 team from the department Göttingen International is available for all questions concerning the application process and the Erasmus+ funding (see contact in the right-hand column).

The application at Göttingen International: The poject "Working E+xperience"

The department Göttingen International offers students of the University the opportunity to promote internships within Europe (programme countries) with the Erasmus+ Key Action 103 programme “Working E+xperience”. The project primarily addresses students of science subjects, international students and students whose internships focuses on digital skills. However, the programme is also open for other target groups. Especially internships for longer than four months or located in Eastern Europe are to receive special support. Information on funding conditions and monthly funding rates can be found in the current call for applications 2019/20. Please note that internships in EU institutions and other EU bodies (including specialised agencies) and bodies managing EU programmes are not eligible.

The complete application documents include:

All documents (original) must be submitted completely and in due time to Göttingen International no later than three months before the start of the internship (see right-hand column). After successful examination, students have to register in the mobility portal to submit a complete Learning Agreement for Traineeship (Word) up to 6 weeks before the start of the internship. After the examination of the Learning Agreement and subject to the available funds, the Erasmus+ grant in the Key Action 103 will be awarded.

Our checklist (German only) offers an overview of all the important steps that should be taken into account during the application process and during funding.

The application in the mobility project "Mix it - Mobility, Internship Experience and Intercultural Training

This project primarily addresses students of teaching profession. The complete application documents include:

  • Letter of motivation or application form,
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships,
  • Enrollment or deregistration certificates and
  • if applicable, proof of already existing Erasmus+ funding.
The documents are available on the web page of the project "Mix it" (see right-hand-column). The documents must be submitted in the original including all signatures at Göttingen International no later than three months before the start of the internship (see right-hand column). You can find further information on the eligibility of the host institution on the project page of Leibniz University Hannover (see 'Mix it').

After successful examination by the consortium in the EU-Hochschulbüro Hannover/Hildesheim and subject to the available funds, the Erasmus+ funded scholarship will be awarded.

International degree seeking students please note that you need
  • a residence in Germany and
  • a German bank account