Finishing Grant

Due to the current situation we ask you to get in contact with us before submitting an application.

The Graduate School Forest and Agricultural Sciences (GFA) is offering a stipend established by the German Exchange Service DAAD for PhD-students, who came from abroad to Göttingen for their PhD thesis.

Financial funds can be granted for a period of up to 3 months in order to finish your thesis offering 861 Euro per month. These stipends are granted according to the Guidelines for Granting Stipends of the Georg-August-University ("Richtlinie zur Vergabe von Stipendien der Georg-August-Universität") and the DAAD.

Requirements are:

  • Position as PhD-student as member of the GFA and enrollment at the Georg-August-University
  • The PhD thesis has to be close to finalization. It has to be realistic to complete the thesis within the period of the grant. A submitted application for admission to the doctoral examination increases the chances of receiving a finishing grant.
  • Participants of other programs that offer financial support for the final time may only apply in case their program cannot support them (please include statement).
  • Funding ends latest on the date of the oral defense.
  • The funding period of the PhD project, which you want to extend now, must have covered at least three years.

Application (German or English) must include:

  • Curriculum vitae and diplomas achieved so far (copy)
  • Statement of need (eight pages maximum) that includes the following aspects:
    • Beginning of thesis research and financing until now
    • Title and table of contents of the dissertation that shows the current state of the working process (finished parts, parts that need to be reviewed, parts that are missing)
    • Work schedule for the period of financial funding
    • Description of additional reasons (like residence permit status, need of assistance, family needs)
    • Description of additional academic reasons that speak for financial support (e.g. Cotutelle, award)
  • Statement of PhD-supervisor (including contact data), which shows why and in which period a grant is necessary and as well if and when the finalization of the PhD thesis can be expected realistically
  • Statement about your financial background: who else is financing you and your family (including your husband or wife and children) with which amount?
  • Proof of compliance with the obligation to submit annual progress reports to the Thesis Committee
  • Proof of proper enrolment as PhD student at Goettingen University.
Each international PhD-student that is a member of the GFA can apply for this funding option. Application is possible via mail or e-mail (in pdf) to

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