Forum Wissen: Göttingen's academic museum


Central theme

Knowledge is created. By creative people working at different times and in different places and social contexts. Numerous conditions ? and often even coincidences ? contribute to the emergence of knowledge. Depending on where, who gets involved and with what intentions knowledge is sought, ideas will emerge in different forms, be modified, expanded on or lost.

This creation of knowledge is the special focus of Forum Wissen: the future knowledge museum of the University of Göttingen.

Here, under one roof, knowledge is created and the actual process of "knowledge in the making" is displayed along with the outcome. In this way, the museum opens up to two groups: the public and the academic world.

Forum Wissen allows the public to share in the intellectual and material assets of the university. It invites people who have previously had relatively little contact with the academic world to access this world for themselves. It also gives people incentives to take up their own stance, make demands of scientific endeavour and get involved in the multifaceted process of "knowledge in the making".

At the same time, Forum Wissen has an impact on the world of science and scholarship itself by creating space for interdisciplinary work with the objects from our collections and encouraging researchers to extend their horizons and be inspired by the methods used, questions asked and arguments presented by other disciplines and other academic cultures.