Göttingen International


The Welcome Centre offers various events in English for international Scientist and their families.

For further events offered by the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen please check following web page: Veranstaltungen.

Upcoming Events 2018

16.03.2018 "Easter Crafts & Colouring"

10.04.2018 Information Session on Income Tax Return in Germany

18.04.2018 Guided Tour "History of the University"

09.05.2018 London Bus Tour in Göttingen

30.05.2018 Guided Tour "Underworld"

27.06.2018 Guided Tour "Precious Objects of the middle ages"

25.07.2018 Guided Tour "Famous Scientists in Göttingen"

29.08.2018 Guided Tour "Time travel on the city wall of Göttingen"

26.09.2018 Guided Tour "Göttingen Royal"

24.10.2018 Guided Tour "Salt Mine / Saline in Göttingen"

-will be announced later- Presentation "German Pension System"

18.12.2018 "Christmas Reception for International Researchers"