Gülay Türkmen Dervisoglu, PhD

Gülay Türkmen is a comparative-historical and cultural sociologist with research interests that stand at the intersection of religion and politics. She is specifically interested in how certain historical, cultural and political developments inform questions of belonging and identity-formation in multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies. Under that rubric, her research focuses on how religious, ethnic and national identities intersect, intertwine and compete with each other, especially in Muslim communities in the Middle East and in Europe.

She also conducts research on cultural politics of nationalism and national identity formation through a comparative-historical lens. She mainly employs qualitative methods, such as interviews, ethnography, and archival research. In addition to academic publications she occasionally writes opinion pieces for non-academic outlets.

She received her PhD in Sociology from Yale University in 2016. For further information about her research and publications please click on this link to access the full CV .