Gender Equality

Equal opportunities and work-family compatibility play important roles in the strategy of Goettingen University. The RTG on the one hand profits from equal opportunity measures that have been initiated by the university. Details can be found on the sites of the equal opportunities office. In addition, the RTG carries out its own activities.

Mobile Playroom
All university members can borrow the mobile playroom for free within the central campus. If you have to bring your child(ren) to work, we'll provide you with toys for children aged 0 - 10. Don't hesitate to ask the coordination office.

Diversity Competence
A two day training by a professional coach on the cultural differences concerning gender, scientific discipline and country of origin. Practical consequences for cooperations will be drawn with respect to future career. This is an obligatory course for the PhD students.

Career and family
Goettingen University provides an excellent basis to combin a scientific career with family. The university's family service offers a wide range of services to improve the compatability of work and family life.
The reconciliation of an academic career with family life is the RTG's stated objective for both men and women.
The RTG focuses on support that is needed on a very individual level. Moreover, summer schools and workshops organized by the RTG are accompanied by child care options for participants. Individual child care facilitates the participation of academics in evening events for networking or discussion groups among colleagues as well as the attendance of external courses, conferences or research stays abroad. The RTG partially refunds the costs for such individual child care arrangements.

Training for female career
For various reasons, such as lack of extended networking, female scientists are underrepresented in successful grant applications. Courses which are organized exclusively for female PhD students, will provide them with skills and training designed to increase their success rate. These courses are open to all female RTG members.
The short term international mentorship programme is actively supported by the RTG and gives female PhD students the opportunity to travel abroad and visit internationally renowned researchers.
The Dorothea Schlözer Programme, provided by the University's equal opportunity office, offers structured career counseling and support for female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who aim to pursuie a career in science.

Further activities
Invited talks and courses of female scientists increase the general visibility of females, hence the reputation and presence of females in science. We intend to have a considerable amount of female guests as lecturers in all areas of our qualification program. To the same end, we strive for a considerable number of female students in the RTG.