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GLOW 2016 - 39th Generative Linguistics in the Old World

The 39th GLOW colloquium will take place on April 5th - 8th, 2016 in Göttingen, Germany. It will be hosted by LinG - Linguistics in Göttingen.

This year's GLOW colloquium consists of a main conference (on April 5th - 7th) and two thematic workshops (on April 8th). The main conference has no specific topic, so scholars are invited to submit and present papers within all areas of generative linguistics. The two thematic workshops are:

  • Workshop I: Perspectivization
  • Workshop II: Phonological and Syntactic Reconstruction of Speech Acts

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    We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support of the Philosophical Faculty, the Göttingen Universitätsbund and the Klaus Inhülsen-Zustiftung