Guidelines and Checklists

Erasmus+ KA 103 - Guidelines, checklist and forms

Here you will find guidelines and checklists to help you with the organization of your Erasmus+ KA 103 stay.

Please note that changes may occur during the course of the program, so the documents need to be updated. Please always refer to the current version on this homepage.

In the section “Students”, you will find a guideline to explain the Erasmus + -Key Action 103 procedures and guidelines of the University of Göttingen. The checklist provided should serve as a guideline and provide you with a structure for the organization and preparation of relevant documents.

In the category “Departmental Coordinators”, you will find a checklist that should serve the Göttingen departmental coordinators as orientation and assistance in the organization of exchanges.

In the section NA-DAAD is the Erasmus + -Key Action 103 Guideline of the National Agency. If additional guidelines are provided by the National Agency, these will also be published here.

In the section “Mobility Forms”, you will find the documents listed in the guideline and in the checklist that you need for successfully completing your Erasmus+ KA 103 stay.