Philipp Heimann

I have been studying at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen since 2014 and completed my bachelor's degree in German Philology and Economics in 2020. In my bachelor thesis I conducted a linguistic analysis of experiments on conjunction fallacies, commonly (and more concisely) also known as the "Linda problem". Since 2020 I have been aiming for a master's degree in German studies with a focus on linguistics. It became clear to me early on in my studies that linguistics is the sub-discipline of German studies that appeals to me the most. That is why I try as best as possible to apply and expand my knowledge in a variety of secondary activities as research assistant and lecturer (including German courses for refugees, training courses on the civil administrative language and, since 2018, courses at the Institute for Democracy Research Göttingen). I am looking forward to actively participating in linguistic research and to support the bilateral IDEALISM project as an assistant from October 2021.