Hetairos Programme – learning academic teaching from professionals

Welcome to the website of Hetairos Programme

"Extensive support in every respect for first teaching experiences."
Junior-Teacher, 5th round of Hetairos

"A major advantage: The mentoring of the juniors in higher education didactics also provides an approach to new forms of teaching for the seniors."
Senior-Teacher, 2nd round of Hetairos

Hetairos is the ancient Greek word for friend or colleague which is the central idea behind Hetairos Programme.
The goal of the programme is to offer young academics a systematic and professional introduction to university teaching.

The programme is a cooperation run jointly by the Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen (GSGG) and the Section for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

The following pages provide comprehensive information about Hetairos Programme.

Please note: From winter semester 2017/18 onwards, Hetairos Programme will only take place in winter semester. The rounds in summer semesters are cancelled!

You can apply for winter semester 2018/19 until 15th June 2018.