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Horizon 2020

Here you will find some important information and advice for writing up and submitting proposals in Horizon 2020 (H2020).

Each call in Horizon 2020 has its own guide for applicants. You will find the guide relevant to the respective Horizon 2020 funding scheme and call in the EU Portal.

If you plan to coordinate a collaborative project or apply for an ERC grant, you can apply for financial support from the Presidential Board to cover costs for the preparatory phase of your application process. To apply for an internal pre-financing grant, please contact us at the EU Office.

The EU Commission finances personnel costs for administrative project management at the coordinating institution. Employing an administrative project manager will enable you to focus solely on the scientific work.

If you are considering applying for an ERC grant, please contact the EU office as soon as possible. It is important to note, that in 2014 the Presidential Board decided to introduce specific procedures and internal deadlines for ERC proposals which are hosted by the University of Göttingen.