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Horizon Europe

Here you will find information and advice for writing up and submitting proposals in Horizon Europe (HEU, 2021-2027).

The EU Office's website on calls summarizes the calls for proposals from the several Horizon Europe funding schemes. Furthermore, the EU Office's website on events provides an overview of own and external events familiarizing you with the programme structure and funding rules of Horizon Europe.

HEU project proposals are submitted via the "Funding & Tender Portal" and funded HEU projects are managed on the portal. If you want to benefit from the various functions of the portal, you have to create a user account at "EU Login".

Participant Identification Code (PIC)

Every institution has to register one-time at the EU's "Funding & Tender Portal" to be able to apply for EU funding. After the registration, a unique identification number with 9 characters will be assigned to each institution, the so-called PIC, comprising the administrative data of the institution that is deposited at the EU Commission.

It is important to know that every institution only receives exactly one PIC. The University of Göttingen is registered with the PIC 999 845 640. The University Medical Centre (UMG) has an own PIC. Please, do not create another PIC for the university, your faculty, your department or your chair.

Each funding scheme and call in HEU may has its own guide for applicants. You will find the guide relevant to the respective HEU funding scheme and call in the "Funding & Tender Portal".

If you plan to coordinate a collaborative project or apply for an ERC grant, you can apply for financial support to cover costs for the preparatory phase of your application process. To apply for a pre-financing grant, please contact us at the EU Office.

The EU Commission finances personnel costs for administrative project management at the coordinating institution. Employing an administrative project manager will enable you to focus solely on the scientific work.

Note: If you are considering applying for an ERC grant, please contact the EU Office as soon as possible. The Presidential Board introduced specific procedures for ERC proposals which are hosted by the University of Göttingen. These specific procedures have been extended for the life time of HEU (2021-2027). Hence, special modalities and internal deadlines will be applied:

  • internal deadlines ERC Consolidator Grant Call 2023
  • internal deadlines ERC Advanced Grant Call 2023