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Our LIPIT LLM Program has alumni from all over the world. Here you can read about their personal experiences and achievements with the courses and lecturers but also their personal growth in Göttingen and Germany.

Our alumni

DONALD FERGUSON (Canada) The LIPIT program is well structured, with excellent content and support. The first semester course work provides a solid foundation in IP and IT law, which the second semester course work augments with advanced topics and practical assignments. I really appreciated the breadth of courses available, the content of each of the courses, and the experience, knowledge, and dedication of the lecturers. The selection of a thesis topic can be difficult, and the program provides a lot of support in the process, including individual seminars for students to present their ideas and receive guidance on thesis topic selection and thesis methodology. The program office was always willing to help with individual concerns, and provided very helpful support and guidance.

DANYU LIAO (China) When I look back in gratitude, I enjoyed a lot in this program and would like to share some of the program with you.
First of all, I love the professors in this program, you can perceive their thorough and careful preparation before they give a lecture. They are knowledgeable and always willing to help you with your questions no matter the questions are from academic research or from practice.
As for lectures on IP/IT related law and other theoretical ones, you can comprehend the structure and philosophy of IP/IT in a multi-angle way, for example, how to understand the operation economically; you will also get in touch with multi-nation laws in EU, US, ASIA, etc., which is of great help for those who want to develop their legal business in countries worldwide. Most importantly, you can steady your ability in legal thinking by following the way the lecturers raise questions and solve them.
In terms of lectures that are more practical, I would highly recommend them. As a law student, I am eager to grasp some useful techniques in practice, and those lectures do help a lot. Through tasks and assignments in class or after class, you can gradually cultivate your skills by accomplishing those tasks and make a quicker movement afterwards. Last but not least, you will have chances to participate teamwork, which is similar in law firm. You can excitedly find out how much you’ve learned with gorgeous teammates from different countries!
Thanks for the administrative colleagues in this program, they are helpful and try their best to settle your problems. Fortunately and unexpectedly, I made many friends through this program, some of whom are even lifelong ones. I will miss the time in Germany forever.


YE LIU (China)The LIPIT program (LL.M. in European and Transnational Law of Intellectual Property and Information Technology) provides me with a valuable opportunity to learn about the European legal system. It offers various options on IP & IT law, as well as the opportunity to attend international academic events and guest lectures. It is exciting to be able to discuss various issues with experts in both academic and practical industrial fields. Our team is diverse, colleagues come from all over the world, with different professional backgrounds, and the experience of studying together is challenging, inspiring, and rewarding.
As an In-house lawyer and Chinese patent attorney, the LIPIT program enhances my knowledge of IP & IT law with an emphasis on the international aspects, which perfectly suits my professional goals. It helps me broaden my mind, cultivate a way of thinking from a comparative perspective, and brings my professional career to a brand-new stage. I have enjoyed this LIPIT program and have benefited immensely from it.


ASHWINEE KUMAR (India) Throughout the LL.M year, my academic enthusiasm has been drawn forth by the accomplished law practitioners and pedagogical doyens. Flexibility in study modules selection and availability of experts like Programming Mathematician, Computer Scientists, Global Privacy Officer of MNCs, Officers from European Patent Office, Government Data Protection Officer, and renowned Professors for thesis supervision makes Uni Goettingen's LIPIT program unparalleled. I feel blessed to be a part of a program having less than 10% of admission rate.

TARAS PRYHODA (Ukraine/Poland) The program offered very informative and practical courses taught by university professors and practicing lawyers from reputable law firms and big companies. My favourite courses included Information Technology Law covering a variety of legal topics pertaining to digital economy and IT industry, such as online transactions, jurisdiction issues, domain name disputes, software licensing, and artificial intelligence issues. During Data Protection Law course we studied extensively EU General Data Protection Regulation and had a good opportunity to discuss its practical application with data protection officers and privacy professionals from various industries and learn from their first-hand experience. I liked very much the program and enjoyed my time in Goettingen.