Ina Khiari-Loch, M.A.

Ina Khiari-Loch studied Cultural Anthropology, Arabic Studies and Islamic Studies at the University Bayreuth (Her final thesis is titled: 'Tourism in Djerba/ Tunisia – About the relationship between tourists and local population'). After finishing her studies she went to teach German Language in the 'Institut Supérieur des Études Technologiques Djerba'/Tunisia and since 2008 she has been working as teaching assistant at the 'Institut Supérieur des Sciences Humaines de Medenine'/ Tunisia.
Since 2010, she has been preparing her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Roman Loimeier. The working title of her project is 'Female identity in social transformation – Comparative interpretation of biographical texts from southern Tunisia'. Furthermore, she worked from 2013 to 2015 in the German-Tunisian project 'Responsibility, Justice, Culture of remembrance' and since 2016 in the German-Tunisian project 'Transformation, Culture, Gender'.