Our institute cooperates with universities and institutes worldwide. With that we offer our students not only the opportunity to collect international experience and develop cultural competence abroad, but also to learn from lecturers and students from our partner universities in Göttingen. You can find a list of our partners here:


You would like to study at one of our partner universities? You can find important information for your plans here:

1. Bewerbungszeitraum für Partneruniversitäten des Instituts: jeweils 10. Dezember bis 15. Januar

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Anthropological research always depends on cooperations with people and communities who support and enable our work. Additionally, our institute and staff cooperate with institutions, organisations, other scientists, and experts. Outcomes from these cooperations are presented here:

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Schareika: Livelihood, Management Reforms and Processes of Structural Change. VolkswagenStiftung: Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Deutschland)
  • Makerere University (Uganda)
  • University of Limpopo (South Africa)
  • Center for International Forestry Research (Burkina Faso)
  • Bobo-Dioulasso Polytechnic University (Burkina Faso)
  • Swiss Center of Scientific Research (Ivory Coast)
  • Agricultural Research Cooperation (Sudan)
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    Dr. Christiane Falck: In cooperation with Nyaura clan members from Timbunmeli and Kandingei village, Don Niles, Gedisa Jacob, Balthazar Moriguba from the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies, and Ozma Records, Dr. Christiane Falck has worked towards the return of Mariuamangi bamboo flute music to the Nyaura clan. The song was recorded during the 1960s and sent to outer space on the voyager spacecraft in the 1970s without the knowledge of its original owners. In August 2019 the distribution of copies donated by Ozma records took place in Kandingei village, middle Sepik, Papua New Guinea. To learn more about the event, which has received attention from the media and politicians in Papua New Guinea, and its background click here...

    Im Rahmen unserer Kooperation mit der Vietnam National University sind Carolin Landgraf, M.A. und Paul Christensen, M.A. im September 2019 nach Hanoi (Vietnam) gereist und haben dort an unserem Partnerinstitut unterrichtet. Ein Kurzbericht über den Lehraufenthalt gibt es hier...

    Im März 2018 unterrichtete Dr. Christiane Falck im Rahmen unseres Austauschprogrammes mit der University of the South Pacific (USP) zu den Themen 'The Anthropocene' und 'Climate Change' Studierende in Suva (Fidschi). Im Sommersemester 2018 durften wir dann Dr. Eberhard Weber und drei Studierende der USP bei uns am Institut in Göttingen begrüßen.

    Prof. Dr. Andrea Lauser und Dr. Jovan Maud unterrichteten im Oktober 2018 einen Workshop zu ethnologischen Forschungsmethoden an unserem Partnerinstitut in Hanoi. Einen Bericht zum Workshop und der Zusammenarbeit mit der USSH findet sich hier...