Forst 74612 PolterWorldwide, wood is the most important renewable raw material. The sustainable production and use of wood plays an important part in the preservation of the earth.

Forst 74612 EntrindungIn Europe and North America there are still large unused reserves of this resource. Particularly in the Asian and Pacific countries, the supply of wood from plantations is expanding. Wood processing technologies are constantly developing. The specific properties of different types of wood are being utilised in more directed, cost and material efficient processes.

Forst 74612 PilzlaborThe focus of wood research in Göttingen lies in the development of wood in growing trees and degradation by fungi. New biotechnological methods use natural enzymes for a more energy efficient production of wood materials and biological utilisation of waste wood.

The Master Programme "Wood Biology and Wood Technology" offers further qualification for Bachelor graduates who are interested in the following areas: Forest science / Forestry, Wood technology / Wood industry, Biotechnology / Bio engineering and Renewable raw materials.

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