iRel - 4th international conference

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The Institute for Labour Law of the University of Göttingen is pleased to announce the fourth international conference within the EU-funded research project "iRel - Smarter industrial relations to address new technological challenges in the world of work" (VS/2019/0081) which will take place on Thursday, 22 April 2021. Due to the current pandemic the conference will be held virtually (via Zoom).

The research project evaluates the role of social partners and industrial relations in light of digitalization of work, more specifically Platform Work, Industry 4.0 and Smart Work. Ten European universities and research centers as well as a number of social partners are involved in the project which started in 2019 and is planned to end in 2021.

More information on the project is available here.

The fourth international conference focuses on Industry 4.0 which marks the concept of end-to-end digital networking of the industrial value chain ("smart factory"). In particular the conference will deal with:

• Main patterns of Industry 4.0 and automation. How the work performance, the
organization of the workplace and the production processes are changing;
• Approaches of industrial relations to the digital restructuring and anticipation
of changes: the tools – employee involvement and collective bargaining;
• The contents of the actions – further vocational training and other ways to
speed up productivity and defend jobs from obsolescence; protection against
“robotisation” of the employees and algorithmic management (e.g. workloads,
pervasive control on the performance, fair appraisal).

The conference will be interactive, with two panels where the stakeholders, i.e. representatives from leading companies in the process of Industry 4.0, the social partners at national and European level, as well as government take the floor. The format is interactive, and participants will be encouraged to engage.

The conference will be in English and is open to everyone interested. Participation is free but registration is required in order to receive the link to the virtual conference.

We particularly want to encourage academics from a broad social science and business background, representatives of social partners and government, as well as practitioners with an interest in labour market regulation and digitalization of work to participate.


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