Language Revision Grant

You may apply whenever needed for this years-period (January - December).

Starting in 2018, the GGG offers a new grant for assistance with the linguistic revision of the completed dissertation or for writing advisory sessions. This grant is funded by DAAD. You can apply for two different funding options:

  1. If you have finished the draft of your dissertation, but not yet submitted it to the faculty, you can apply for financial support for proof reading/linguistic revision. The linguistic revision of the dissertation should take place in close cooperation between the doctoral candidate and a lecturer, who is qualified for language revision and didactics. The revision grant makes support available amounting to € 500 max. The funds are not intended to be sufficient for the complete remuneration for editorial assistance in which the task is seen as a service. Rather, the author of the dissertation carries out the main steps necessary for linguistic revision of the manuscript themselves or in cooperation with those assisting.

  2. If you are still in the process or writing your dissertation, you can apply for writing advisory sessions. By working on already written parts of your dissertation, you will sustainably improve your academic writing skills. The writing advisory sessions can take place in cooperation with the "Internationales Schreibzentrum".

To be eligible to apply for the grant, PhD students have to fulfill the following critieria: being a member of the GGG, having come from outside Germany and writing your PhD in a language other than your mother tongue. The stipend is granted according to the Guidelines for Granting Stipends of the Georg-August-University ("Richtlinie zur Vergabe von Stipendien der Georg-August-Universität") and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Requirements are:

  • PhD student member of the GGG and enrollment at the Georg-August-University
  • foreign exam and external citizenship
  • If you apply for the linguistic revision, the content and arguments of the PhD thesis have to be finalized (but thesis not yet submitted to the faculty); if you apply for the writing advisory sessions you must have already have finished parts of your thesis you can work on during these sessions
  • Participants of PhD programs that offer financial support may only apply in case their program cannot support them (please include statement).
  • Funding ends when the thesis is submitted

Please include the following documents in your application (German or English):

  • Application form for this grant as word or pdf
  • Questionnaire of GGG to update your data
  • resume in table form and diplomas achieved so far (copy)
  • statement of need (3 pages max) including the following information:
    • beginning and development of your thesis until now, state of supervision, financing until now
    • description which kind of language revision do you need. If you do know a competent person or institutions for this already, please name it (otherwise we will help you to find one).
    • financial situation (heights and origin of income, which support is given to you by other institutions?)
    • if any: description of additional reasons (like child care, social background, disability or illness, family situation, residence permit status, need of assistance)
    • additional scientific reasons for receiving the grant (e.g. Cotutelle)
  • table of contents of the dissertation that shows the current state of the working progress (finished parts, parts who need to be revised, parts that are missing?)
  • work schedule for the period of financial funding
  • statement of your supervision, which includes information regarding the need and the priority of the GGG-Support. It also should tell us in a realistic manner, if and until when the dissertation will be finished and give us an evaluation of how the PhD project would profit from this funding.
  • confirmation as PhD student from your faculty or the students office (copy)

Each international PhD student, who writes their thesis in another than their mother tongue and who is a member of the GGG can apply for this funding option. Application is possible via mail or email (as pdf) to: Goettingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG), Convention Center by the Observatory, Geismar Landstraße 11, 37083 Göttingen,