Methods and Responsibilities

The methods commonly used,established and developed in the Department are sumarized in the Table below.
For necessary method please request the help and support by the Technical Assistant mentioned in the Table.

The protocols are for internal use of the Department colleagues.
The protocols are available for external colleagues on request. Please contact the responsible colleagues.
Before the request, please read the detailed description of the methods and applications in
Publications of the Department

PROTOCOLS (Responsibilities)
Physical Methods
- Aggregate Fractionation (Dr Maxim Dorodnikov, Anna Gunina)

Biological Methods
- Enzyme Analyses (PD Dr Jane Blagodatskaya, Bahar Razavi)
- Zymography (PD Dr Jane Blagodatskaya, Bahar Razavi)

Other Methods and Approaches
- Digital Image Analysis (Bahar Razavi)
- CO2 Trapping in NaOH and Titration (Kyle Mason-Jones)
- Instructions for Pipetting