Dipl. Sozw. Nelly C. Schubert

Nelly Schubert ist a graduate social scientist. Her doctoral research deals with inter-religious relations of representation and migration at a local level.

Since 2009, Nelly Schubert's quantiative and qualitative research and teaching have dealt with the interaction of migration and religion in contemporary societies. She is particularly interested in organisation and agency of ethno-religious communities as well as symbolic and social boundary dynamics.

Nelly Schubert was a research associate at the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute from April 2017 to September 2020. At a university level, she represented the non-professorial academic staff in the University Senate from April 2017 to March 2019 and served on the advisory council of the "Room of Silence". Since 2019, she was the Institute’s equal opportunities officer.

Nelly Schubert's areas of focus are:

  • Organizational and cultural sociology, sociology of migration
  • Organization and agency of religious communities, especially migration churches and ethno-religious associations
  • (Local) governance of inter-religious relations
  • Qualitative social research, particularly categorizing content analysis and social network analysis

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