New Discussion Papers online

New discussion papers are online in the Discussion Paper series of the CRC 'Poverty, Equity and Growth':

No.276: Ebert, Cara, Heesemann, Esther and Vollmer, Sebastian (2020)
Encouraging Parents to Invest: A Randomized Trial With Two Simple Interventions in Early Childhood
No.275: Dang, Archana (2020)
Role of Time preferences in Explaining the Burden of Malnutrition: Evidence from Urban India
No.274: Bluhm, Richard, Dreher, Axel, Fuchs, Andreas, Parks, Bradley C., Strange, Austin M., and Tierney, Michael J. (2020)
Chinese Infrastructure Projects and the Diffusion of Economic Activity in Developing Countries
No. 273: Chavarría, Eliana, Diba, Farah, Marcus, Maja-Emilia, Marthoenis, Reuter, Anna, Rogge, Lisa and Vollmer, Sebastian (2020)
Knowing versus Doing: Protective Health Behavior against COVID-19 in Indonesia
No. 272: Barros, von Grafenstein, Grosse, Khan, Lenel, Orozco Garcia, Pérez-Alvarez, Santos Silva, Schupp and Strulik (2020)
The Multidimensional Stephan Klasen Exposure Index: Why Wonder Woman Should Become a Postdoc and Wear White Socks with Sandals
No. 271: Yoon, Jisu and Pasha, Atika (2020)
An alternative strategy to identify deprivations in multidimensional poverty: a partial least squares approach
No. 270: Steinert, Janina Isabel, Vasumati Satish, Rucha, Stips, Felix and Vollmer, Sebastian (2020)
Commitment or Concealment? Impacts and Use of a Portable Saving Device: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Urban India
No. 269: Gehring, Langlotz and Kienberger (2020)
Stimulant or depressant? Resource-related income shocks and conflict
No. 268: Rink, Ute and Barros, Laura (2019)
Spending or Saving? Female empowerment and financial decisions in a matrilineal society

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