New Discussion Papers online

New discussion papers are online in the Discussion Paper series of the CRC 'Poverty, Equity and Growth':

No. 267: Priebe, Jan, Rinke, Ute and Stemmler, Henry (2019)
Health shocks and risk aversion: Panel and experimental evidence from Vietnam
No. 266: Bommer, Christian, Dreher, Axel and Perez-Alvarez, Marcello (2019)
Home bias in humanitarian aid: The role of regional favoritism in the allocation of international disaster relief
No. 265: Krämer, Marion, Kumar, Santosh and Vollmer, Sebastian (2019)
Anemia, diet, and cognitive development: Impact of health information on diet quality and child nutrition in rural India
No. 264: Ebert, Cara and Vollmer, Sebastian (2019)
Child-specific son preference, birth order and cognitive skills in early childhood

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