New Discussion Papers online

New discussion papers are online in the Discussion Paper series of the CRC 'Poverty, Equity and Growth':

No. 263: Klasen, Stephan (2019)
From 'MeToo' to Boko Haram: A survey of levels and trends of gender inequality in the world
No. 262: Perez-Alvarez, Marcello, Favara, Marta (2019)
Maternal Age and Offspring Human Capital in India
No. 261: Kaplan, Lennart, C., Kuhnt, Jana, Richert, Katharina, Vollmer, Sebastian (2019)
What Explains the Uptake of Development Interventions?
No. 260: Dotter, Caroline, Klasen, Stephan (2019)
An absolute multidimensional poverty measure in the functioning space (and relative measure in the resource space): An Illustration using Indian data
No. 259: Purushotham, Mittal, Ashwini, Umesh, von Cramon-Taubadel, Vollmer (2018)
Dietary diversity and children anthropometric outcomes: a quantile regression analysis
No. 258: Bettin, Wollni (2018)
Livelihood Environmentalism to Tunnel a Psychological Environmental Kuznets Curve

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