The executive board of the Centre for Integrated Breeding Research (CiBreed) has elected Prof. Dr. Tim Beissinger as the new managing director of the Center at its meeting on December 1st, 2020.

More than 40 members and affiliates from different faculties and research institutions have joined together under the roof of the center to bring together the expertise of crop, tree, and animal breeding and genetics with findings from natural and social sciences in order to bring about advances in all of these fields. The Center is financially supported by five leading companies in plant and animal breeding.
Since its foundation in 2018, Prof. Dr. Henner Simianer (Chair of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences) has held the position of managing director and was responsible for the initialization and development of the center.
At the board meeting, Henner Simianer thanked all members, affiliates, staff and partners of the CiBreed for their confidence and their great support in establishing the center.
"It is time to place this function in new hands. The center is now well established, we have already achieved a lot and I am sure that CiBreed will continue to develop very dynamically under a new management,” he stated. The members of the executive board then elected Tim Beissinger as the new managing director and are looking forward to seeing what he brings to the center.
Beissinger has held the Chair of Plant Breeding Methodology in Göttingen since 2018. His research and teaching involves studying plant breeding from an evolutionary perspective. He places a special emphasis on statistical and computational approaches to breeding questions.
Beissinger stated, “It is with great pleasure that I take over as Managing Director for CiBreed. Prof. Simianer’s leadership from the founding of the center until now has left me with a strong example to follow. I look forward to working with all center members and partners in the interest of bringing together scientists from all sectors of crop, tree, and animal breeding for a brighter future.”