New research paper in the Journal of Information Technology

The following paper has been published in the Journal of information Tehcnology (JIT) :

Brendel, A.B., Lembcke, T.-B., Muntermann, J., and Kolbe, L.M. 2021. “Toward replication study types for design science research,” in: Journal of Information Technology, SAGE Publications.

Abstract:In design science research, two important challenges exist to achieve greater influence in research and practice: (1) foster frequent reuse of artifacts and design theories and (2) increase knowledge accumulation in the field. In this article, we argue that replication studies could support the accumulation and development of design theories to reach a state that encourages reuse of artifacts and design theories. However, it is unclear precisely how replication relates to design science research—that is, what outcomes replication produces and how researchers should apply it within design science research. This study proposes three overarching research questions (Does the artifact provide utility? Is the design theory complete? What design theory components fit a larger context?) and eight categories for replication studies in design science research (Test, Redesign, Justification, Adaptation, Explanation, Update, Recreation, and Meta-Replication). We offer guidance to researchers, editors, and reviewers on how to conduct replication studies in design science research and why such studies are so critical. Our goal is to provide “food for thought” on the significance of design science research replication studies and, in turn, help facilitate their widespread implementation and publication. We conclude our study by highlighting areas for further discussion and investigation, such as defining replication procedures and conceptualizing genuine replication goals within design science research.