New publication out in Health Economics

Eyehealth is still a neglected issue in global public health, even though vision impairment is one, if not, the most common disability worldwide. While refractive error is completely treatable through an old 'technology' - eyeglasses - considerable parts of the population in the Global South do not have access to this tool. In this study, we look at the willingess-to-pay for eyeglasses in a resource poor context and learn that people are indeed willing to pay a resonable price for the low-cost glasses we offer. Our research further shows, that raising awareness for the benefits of eyeglasses can further increase price. Yet, since this a realtively underexplored fied many aspects remain unaddressed and we offer avenues for future research.

For further details see: All eyes on the price: An assessment of the willingness-to-pay for eyeglasses in rural Burkina Faso