Objectives and Contents

This multi-facetted programme covers the production and sorting of wood resources in forests; the biological, chemical, and physical properties of wood; and the resulting technical properties.

Holzbiologie Holztechnologie Ziele

Excursion to a paper mill: the quality of wood chippings influences the economics. Building upon this, different processing of wood products such as solid wood, paper and wood feed stocks are described in detail. In addition to providing the theoretical background of processing, the course offers many visits to firms and even possibilities for the production of plywood, medium density fibreboard and chipboard by the students themselves.

These topics are expanded upon through business, economic, and social analyses, as well as through consideration of raw materials and feed stock. This programme forms the basis for employment in companies and agencies of the wood industry, and in wood science research. Projects and research are often carried out in co-operation with companies, and students can establish good contacts to potential employers.

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