Our Common Future Project

The two-year project “Can we force climate protection?” was funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation as part of the program “Our Common Future”.

This interdisciplinary project, led by Prof. Dr. Angela Schwerdtfeger, was carried out in cooperation with the Gymnasium Andreanum Hildesheim. Together with teachers and scientists, students worked on their own research projects on the scientific challenges for effective climate protection and related legal questions. The participants examined the opportunities and limits of renewable energy, as well as the legal enforceability of climate protection measures. By linking scientific and legal questions, the project makes students aware of the complex challenges faced by effective climate protection. Against this background, we were particularly delighted to have joined forces with practitioners and colleagues from across the Georg August University Göttingen, including politicial science, geography and our school laboratories.

A highlight at the end of our second project year was a simulated court hearing by our students, which was also reported in the media:
  • Göttinger Tageblatt
  • Campusradio GÖHÖRT

  • We attended the "5. Nacht des Wissens" with a project stand, where we presented our project, showed the project videos and invited people to take part. We were visited by mdB Konstantin Kuhle, who (successfully) tried his hand at our legislative puzzle (see here).

    Konstantin Kuhle Nacht des Wissens OCF

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