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Organisational Development and Project Management Office

At the University of Göttingen large-scale organisational change processes are accompanied by the Organisation Development (OD) and the Project Management Office (PMO). In our projects, activities and programs we mainly focus on advisory service, supervision and guidance during implementation. It is one of the main objectives to support and disburden the management, so that they are free of managing projects parallel to their day-to-day business. The members of the Presidential board as well as the management of the departments and staff positions are convinced, that due to professional and well-managed actions, the quality of actions and the quality of results can be highly improved and positively influenced. The principles of applied organisational development can be seen as the basis of our activities. Depending on the issue, either structural or process-orientated topics (organisational and operational structure) as well as matters of leadership and communication are taken into account.

The Organisation Development as an internal and knowledgeable institution can be characterized through its specificl way of understandig organisational matters. Due to our consultancy-focused role we are strongly dedicated to the principles of independence, neutrality and objectiveness. This enables us to see all project parameters from a bird´s eye view (ranging from input to outcome), being able to integrate all relevant target groups and interfaces. Hence, integrating the employee representation accurately timed is taken for granted. The time span of our measures runs from short-term interventions (e.g. conflict prevention) up to long-term project management (projects with a duration of multiple years).

The work of the PMO is based on specifically customized and broadly accepted standards of project management and a well structured reporting system (project monitoring). The size and complexity of the University of Göttingen and the huge number of activities makes it necessary to keep the main focal point on an overview of ongoing complex and/or crucial actions to be able to realise dependencies and to discover potential incongruities on project outcomes in time.

OD and PMO are integrated in the staff position internal auditing, which itself is assigned to the full-time Vice President. Both entities work on behalf of the presidential board and the executives of the departments and staff positions, with an emphasis on the central academic administration and connection to the faculties and their scientific facilities.