PhD, Postdoc and Staff

If you want to apply for a research exchange (6 or 10 months for PhD/PostDoc; 1 month for staff) or a full PhD (36 months) you must find the hosting lab of your interest by yourself before you apply.
A list of our departments and working groups can be found here.
Please contact the head of department directly and discuss with him/her the expected time period and possible research project. During your Erasmus Mundus application a confirmation of the head of the hosting lab as well as an outline of the scientific project must be provided.
Erasmus Mundus provides a scholarship only. It does not automatically give you access to a desired PhD programme. If you will receive the Erasmus Mundus scholarship (which we instantly hope will be the case for you) you need an admission to one of the PhD programmes. Please inform yourself at the webpage of the programme of your interest. whether you fulfill the admission requirements already. It may occur that you must accomplish additional qualifications before you can start with your PhD project. Please contact the dean of studies of Faculty of Biology after acceptance of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship.