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Göttingen PhD LingLunch

Welcome to the website of the Göttingen PhD LingLunch – a series of weekly meetings of PhD students from the field of linguistics and all related areas (such as Digital Humanities, Psychology of Language, …).

The Göttingen PhD LingLunch was initiated last semester, in April 2017, with the idea to bring all of Göttingen’s PhD students involved in linguistic research together, and foster interaction between the various departments they are based in in the process. It had a dynamic start last semester and is now ready to take off full-scale in the semester to come.

So far, the Göttingen PhD LingLunch has featured many interesting presentations and discussions on a variety of topics, ranging from psycholinguistics to formal linguistics, an introduction into the technique of eye-tracking by PhD students from the Psychology of Language department, as well as lots of pizza and new acquaintances. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of room for new ideas. Example activities could be:

  • Short presentations of our research
    (Wouldn’t it be great to find out if someone is working on a topic related to you and is in reach for a quick lunch on an every day basis?)
  • Practice talks for upcoming conferences
    (including practice for the Q&A’s – both for the presenter and the audience)
  • Discussions of how to write a good abstract, how to manage time, …
  • … and many more!

  • The time and place of the weekly meetings for the next semester are going to be announced on this website soon, after the most suitable option has been established via doodle.

    Further information (like the doodle link) is distributed by email to interested people. If you want to receive the email announcements, want to present something, or have any other question/comments, please email the organizers.

    Göttingen PhD LingLunch Organizers:

    Carina Kauf (
    Louise Raynaud (