Planning to do a master thesis in cooperation with a Uni in the land of kangaroos?


We are excited to announce a collaboration between Macquarie University and The University of Goettingen. This collaboration allows for students doing their master thesis to be coached by Dr. Mauricio Marrone from Macquarie University, which is in Sydney, Australia.
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Students looking to do their master thesis with the Chair of Information Management are gladly invited to choose one of the following topics:

  • Hit or Flop: Predicting innovation diffusion through what the media says about an innovation
  • Discovering trending topics in the news and the emotions surrounding these topics
  • Old ideas end up in university textbooks: a look at the topics covered in university textbooks and the frequency they appear in academic and practitioner literatures

There is an opportunity for excellent students to later do an exchange with Macquarie. Moreover, completing your master thesis on these topics will prepare you to maybe continue with a joint PhD between Macquarie University and the University of Goettingen.
Through this joint PhD, students will spend half of their time studying at the University of Goettingen and half of their time at Macquarie University. Candidates must have excellent English skills and may be considering to continue to do a PhD.
If you plan to apply, please send your favored topic, CV, grade sheet from Flex-Now (simple print out), and desired start date to Ilja Nastjuk (