Curriculum Vitae

Pramila Thapa has been a research assistant in the Working Group in Sozial-ökologische Interaktionen in Agrarsystemen at the University of Göttingen since April 2018. She did her masters in Sustainable International Agriculture from the University of Göttingen and the University of Kassel with her master thesis focusing on processes and outcomes of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation-Systems among Tanzanian smallholder farmer groups.

Research Specialisations

Her research interests are in the field of food security, socio-cultural factors, agricultural trade and natural resource management. She is currently working to explore the impacts of urbanization in agricultural systems.


  • Thapa, P., Ngwenya, P. and Kaufmann, B. (2017). Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation: a tool for making farmer groups function better. Appropriate Technology. 44:4:43-45
  • Thapa, P. (2014). Comparative study on market access of smallholder farmers in hills and plains of Nepal. Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences 12:164-171

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