Procedure of Erasmus+

The following is a brief explanation of the procedures in Erasmus + Key Action 103. Please also use the provided guidelines and checklists and discuss your project with your departmental coordinator.

Selection phase:

Before you begin an Erasmus + stay, you must be selected by your faculty for one of the available exchanges. The selection criteria are set centrally for all (see “Ausschreibung”), but the faculties have different application deadlines. Therefore, you should provide yourself with the relevant information at an early stage: website of Göttingen International and faculty, consultation at the departmental coordinator and Study Abroad Advisor. The application deadlines are between mid-October and mid-March for the following winter semester and the adjoining summer semester.

Nomination and registration phase:

Once you have been selected by your faculty, you must be nominated for the exchange.
Please fill out the nomination form which you will get from your coordinator. Sign it and forward the copy to your departmental coordinator. As soon as we have received the signed nomination form (deadline 30.03.2021), we will schedule you for an exchange place and as Erasmus+ grant.

Based on your nomination and the submission of the Learning Agreement for Studies, most of you will receive the Grant Agreement during the month of July, as well as access to Online Linguistic Support (OLS) to complete the compulsory OLS-Language Test before your mobility. Shipping is automatic. You will also receive preliminary information on this at short notice.

Furthermore, you still have to be registered and nominated at the host university. For this, it is usually necessary that you are reported by your departmental coordinator at the host university and you additionally perform the respective application procedure at the host university. The partner universities have different procedures here. It is also best to keep in contact with your departmental coordinator and to agree on the procedure for nomination and registration at the host institution. A nomination and registration by Göttingen International does not take place.

In this phase, the Learning Agreement has to be prepared in which the planned courses are to be noted at the host university.


Within the agreed study period, you will be at the host university and take part in the curriculum there. The residence period includes the study-related residence time, which is confirmed at the end of the stay by the host institution.

Follow-up phase:

Upon completion of your stay, confirmations and, above all, the experience reports must be submitted. Please also use the provided guidelines and checklists here.

Leave of Absence:

If your Erasmus + study visit is not a compulsory study abroad stay, which is stipulated in the study regulations of your degree program, you can take a Leave of Absence. This means that you are still enrolled at the university, but you do not have to pay the full semester fee.
For the Leave of Absence you need a certificate from your program representative about the duration of your study abroad, alternatively you can also use your internal online nomination or the acceptance confirmation of your host university.
Please note: If your stay abroad is stipulated in the study regulations of your degree program, you cannot take a Leave of Absence, but you may be exempted from tuition fees.
For specific questions about Leave of Absence, it is best to contact the staff of the service office, “Studienzentrale”.