Prof. Dr. Jonas Stier

We are pleased to welcome Jonas Stier as guest professor!

Prof. Dr. Jonas Stier will be visiting the Diversity Research Institute in the winter semester of 2019/20 and the summer semester of 2020. Students will be able to hear him as guest lecturer within the module "Theoretical perspectives on Diversity Research".

Jonas Stier, Fil dr, Professor of Intercultural Studies, Professor of Social Work

I am a professor of intercultural studies at Dalarna University and a professor of social work at Mälardalen University, both in Sweden. My research focuses on identity creation, diversity and intercultural interaction in different contexts.

I completed a dissertation in sociology at the University of Gothenburg in 1998. Since then my research has revolved around diversity, learning, internationalization and ideologies in higher education. With particular emphasis on how gender and ethnic-cultural diversity are communicated and constructed in preschool. In these areas I have published a number of books, scientific and popular science articles.
Recently, I have been involved in completing a Horizon 2020 project - ACCOMPLISSH - in which the Georg-August University also participated. The aim of the project has been to strengthen the position for the humanities and the social sciences in Europe.

Over the years, I have been a visiting scientist abroad for extended periods - in Australia, England, Canada and the USA, among others. Intercultural interaction, diversity and social psychology are my main teaching areas. Currently I am the supervisor of three doctoral candidates. I am also a frequently hired lecturer outside the university.

Over the past year, together with Daniel Akenine, Microsoft's National Technology Manager, I have edited the book People and AI - A book about artificial intelligence and ourselves. I am also one of the founders of addAI (see