Prof. Dr. Reiner Kree

Research Interests
Statistical Physics of disordered and complex systems. Up to now, these include: biomembranes, orientational glasses, structural glasses, spin glasses, adsorbates of orientable molecules, cell cultures, neural networks and biological neurons. Earlier work on field theories in condensed matter, disordered electronic systems, superfluorescence, 1/f noisein metals, critical phenomena in ecology.

Career History
born 1954
1976 Diploma in Physics(U Dortmund/U Karlsruhe)
1976-1978 Draftee
1979-1983 Inst. of Condensed Matter Physics/U Karlsruhe
1983 PhD (thesis adviser Prof. Albert Schmid)
1984-1989 Research Assistant Inst. of Theoret. Physics, U Düsseldorf 1989 Habilitation U Düsseldorf
1989 Habilitation U Düsseldorf
since 1989 Professor at U Göttingen