Professional Track

Euroculture, with its emphasis on developing practical and applicable skills, combines its academic education with an education containing professional experience within a supervised, integrated internship of twenty to twenty-four weeks for students who choose to participate in the professional track.

The internship is aimed at giving students an insight into the relation between his/her academic training and social reality. It can be done at any institution, either in the country of the home university or abroad. This includes public or private sector institutions, such as government organizations, NGOs, research institutions, the media or international companies. An internship should connect as closely as possible to the goals set for the Euroculture programme. Students usually agree that internships are a good way of getting to know their professional options, and it has been shown that following an internship can increase one's chances of finding suitable employment following graduation.

Students will be expected to play an active role in finding an internship. In other words they will have to look and apply for it themselves (though Euroculture staff may be able to provide some suggestions and advice). During the internship, students will be supervised by the Euroculture Internship Supervisor (at the home university) and by the supervisor of the organisation providing the internship. The internship will be rounded off by writing an internship report in English (10 - 15 pages). This report should largely be written during the internship itself. Internship reports have to be handed in to the Euroculture Internship Supervisor no later than two weeks after completing the internship.

Please find examples for past internships under Alumni and click on Euroculture Internships.