Centre for Medical Law

The Centre for Medical Law was founded jointly in 2014 by the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine/University Medical Center Göttingen and the Faculty of Theology as a university centre of the Georgia Augusta University Göttingen in order to research current and fundamental issues in the cross-sectional field of medicine and law. The history of the Centre starts with the Research Group for Pharmaceutical and Medical Law at the Faculty of Law, which was established in 1979 by Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. mult. Erwin Deutsch (✝), Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Ludwig Schreiber, and Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Fritz Scheler (✝). Today, the Göttingen Centre for Medical Law is one of the leading academic institutions in the field of medical law and health law in Germany.

Objectives and Core Activities

The Centre for Medical Law aims to coordinate, undertake and develop cross-faculty research and teaching at the Georgia Augusta University in Göttingen in the field of law and ethics in medicine, bio-sciences and healthcare, and interdisciplinary research into individualised medicine. In order to implement this effectively, lawyers, theologians, ethicists, and philosophers collaborate with academics from clinical medicine.
The core activities of the Centre for Medical Law include in particular:
- the organisation, coordination, implementation and support of interdisciplinary research projects;
- the acquisition and joint support of projects with third party funding;
- the support of young academics;
- the promotion of teaching;
- the promotion and support of the Library for Medical Law in the Faculty of Law;
- the collaboration with other institutions at the University of Göttingen and with national and international institutions;
- the support of knowledge transfer and academic communication through the planning and implementation of lecture series, symposia, colloquia, guest lectures and workshops on regional and interdisciplinary topics;
- the PR work of the centre.


The Centre's research comprises all of medical law, health law and biomedical law including aspects of medical ethics, legal policy objectives and European and international issues.
The current focus of research lies in civil and criminal medical law and the law of the medical professions, patient autonomy in the physician-patient relationship, euthanasia, legal issues of reproductive medicine, abortion, genetic technology and biotechnology, transplant and transfusion law, the law on statutory and private health insurance, the law on medical research and ethics committees, pharmaceutical law including clinical trials, medicinal product law as well as pharmacy and pharmaceutical advertising law.


With 10.638 editions (as of April 2017), the Centre's Library for Medical Law has one of the most extensive collections of domestic and international medical and health law literature in Germany. In addition to this, the library holds subscriptions to approximately 53 current periodicals and a total of 190 different periodicals in its collection. The clear thematic classification of the library collection enables problem-oriented and subject-specific research to be carried out. In addition to standard textbooks on medical law, users have access to an extensive collection of monographs on specific topics and dissertations and other research work. Since 2015, the Library for Medical Law is an independent part of the Law Library of the Faculty of Law in the Juridicum at Platz der Göttinger Sieben. Hereby, those who are researching and studying benefit from extended opening hours and excellent working conditions of this large law library.


The close collaboration with the centres and departments of the Faculty of Medicine/University Medical Center Göttingen enables a rewarding interdisciplinary research work on the various current issues in the complex cross-sectional field of medicine, ethics and law to be carried out. There is also a collaboration with the Academic for Medical Ethics Göttingen and the Centre for Information and Documentation in Medical Ethics (IDEM) including, inter alia, the internet portal "Ethics and Law in Medicine and Biotechnology " (www.bioethik-und-biorecht.uni-goettingen.de).
The Centre for Medical Law has various contacts with international institutions and academics and is working determinedly to develop. Guest academics from within Germany and abroad find excellent working conditions and a stimulating research environment at the Centre.