Conventions, Conferences, Workshops

Calendar of Events

  • Göttinger Workshops on Language Assessment at Further and Higher Educational Institutions

  • UNIcert Further Training at ZESS

    • 2017: "¡Sí se pueden elaborar exámenes monotemáticos! Adaptar el tema del examen escrito a la prueba oral (niveles A1 y A2)"
    • 26. August 2016: "The lighter side of task-based teaching"
    • 11th Anniversary of the Society for Transferable Skills at the Central Institute for Languages and Transferable Skills (ZESS), University of Göttingen, from 1st-3rd September 2014 (LINK).

  • Projects Financed By Third-Party Funds

  • Thanks to support from the ideas management division, and in cooperation with college sports, ZESS was able to offer the course 'Perspective Change: Studying with Physical Disabilities - One Day in a Wheelchair' for the very first time. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, this course shall continue to be offered at ZESS.
  • Campus QPLUS-Project: "Future-oriented Teach/Learn Concepts in the Digital Age: The implementation of a holistic blended learning concept at ZESS" (2013-2014) Blended Learning at ZESS (LINK).
  • GULT-Project: “Development of Guidelines for Task-Based University Language-Testing” (A European Foreign Language Centre project in affiliation with the Council of Europe that ran from2008-2011) (LINK)
  • EXPLICS-Project: “Exploiting Internet Case-study and Simulation Templates for Language, Teaching and Learning” (An EU project of LINGUA 2 that ran from 2005-2009) (LINK)

  • Distinctions and Honours

  • The project 'New Media in Language Courses', which was developed by ZESS in cooperation with the Language Centre of TU Braunschweig, was honoured by the Ministry of Science and Culture Niedersachsen in 2011 for outstanding implementation of multi-media elements in higher-education level teaching, in line with the programme 'campusemerge'.

  • Collaboration Partners

  • Experiencing leadership up close: Students visit the Göttingen Municipal Fire Brigade in line with the course 'Leadership Skills'.