The aim of the DFG project ANDROMEDA at the Universities of Göttingen and Hohenheim is to analyse the perception of autonomy and control by employees in digital work contexts of high reliability organisations using the example of hospitals and airports. These are particularly affected by digitalisation steps, such as in patient administration (hospital) and passenger and cargo handling (airport) through mobile smartphone applications. Workplaces in these areas have special characteristics such as a high technology standard, highly specialised teams, high physical and mental stress, a rapidly changing work intensity and the processing and use of large amounts of data. Furthermore, employees often come into contact with critical decision-making situations where small mistakes can have serious consequences. In such contexts, the perception of autonomy and control is essential for individual work behaviour and teamwork. The results of the research project are therefore significant for the discussion of autonomy and control and the effects of digitalisation steps on employees and their cooperation, especially in high reliability organisations, as well as for digital work design in the logistics and service sector in general. The project is embedded in the DFG Priority Programme 2267 "Digitalisation of Working Environments (DdA)" (Link).

DAAD-IVAC Programme on Digital International Teaching Cooperation started at the Faculty of Economic Sciences: Offer of the Chair of Production and Logistics with the University of Trento

The DAAD-IVAC programme supports the digitalisation of teaching content and international teaching exchange by digital means, as face-to-face exchange is often difficult or impossible, especially in times of pandemics. Within this programme, the sub-project "VISTA - Virtual Supply Chain Management Teaching in Germany and Italy" of the Chair of Production and Logistics (Prof. Dr. Matthias Klumpp) is funded. Students of the faculty were able to take the online seminar "Industrial Planning" offered by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Francesco Pilati from the Italian Università di Trento in the winter semester 2020/21. seminar
In the summer semester 2021, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Francesco Pilati will additionally offer the Masters seminar "Design of digital production and assembly systems" online, in which students from the University of Göttingen will work together with students from the University of Trento, Italy. seminar