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Ancient History includes the entire history of the ancient Mediterranean region and its civilizations, from the beginning of written records up until the middle of the first millenium AD. While we focus on Ancient Greece and Rome, we are also interested in their "neighbours", ranging from Britannia to Northern Africa and from the Iberian Peninsula to the Near East. For over one hundred years, the Göttingen Department of Ancient History has been researching - and teaching on - all aspects of Ancient History.

Our main research focus is on cultural, ancient religion and gender history as well as on classical reception. In teaching, our main aim is to support the development of young scholars, based on an excellent student-teacher ratio and individual supervision. Our frequent and extensive field trips allow students to visit the remains of ancient cultures. During the last few years, this has led us to Greece, Western Turkey and along Hadrian´s Wall. As part of shorter excursions, we explore ancient sites in Germany as well as important exhibitions and museums. In addition, we support our students in gathering experience abroad through our partnership agreements with universities at Bologna, Leeds, Thessaloniki and Vienna.

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