Reading Groups

Summer Term 2020

Oberseminar English Linguistics (Syntax–Semantics)

Unless announced otherwise, the Oberseminar takes place on Tuesdays, 4–6 (ct).


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is not possible to hold the meetings in the usual way. Instead, the meetings will happen online using Zoom.


Talks will be announced regularly via the LinG mailing list and on this website (see below). Instructions as to how to join the meetings will be announced via the LinG mailing list as well. Additionally, anyone interested can contact Clemens Steiner-Mayr (Email) in order to join the meeting.

This is a preliminary schedule that will be extended, and possibly altered, in the weeks to come.

  • April 14: CANCELLED
  • April 21: [tba]
  • April 28: Hedde Zeijlstra (Göttingen) - Existential Positive Polarity Items (download presentation)
  • May 5: Seid Tvica (Göttingen) - On adjunction, rightward movement, and prosodic constraints on word orders
  • May 12: Kristina Liefke (Frankfurt) - DPs and CPs in Depiction Complements
  • May 19: Daniele Panizza (Göttingen)
  • May 26: Sascha Alexeyenko (Göttingen) - On the typology of DP-internal number concord
  • June 2: Clemens Steiner-Mayr (Göttingen) - On the variability of context change potentials
  • June 9: Svetlana Berikashvili (Göttingen) - Ergative in Georgian: Inherent or Structural?
  • June 16: Nina Haslinger (Göttingen) - Constraints on cumulativity and the Question under Discussion
  • June 23: NO MEETING
  • June 30: Sabine Iatridou (MIT) - Unasked Questions (joint work with Kai von Fintel)
  • July 7: Neil Banerjee (MIT) & Gurmeet Kaur (Göttingen) - Negative (in)effability in Bangla imperatives
  • July 14: Sumrah Arshad (Göttingen)
  • July 21: Neha Kulshreshtha (Göttingen)

Term Coordinator:
Clemens Steiner-Mayr (Email)

General Coordinator:
Hedde Zeijlstra (Email)